Social media has changed the landscape of the way companies market, but the time and commitment it takes to create and manage effective social media campaigns can quickly become overwhelming. Whether your organization needs a guiding hand to get started, preparing a social media plan for a special event, or a full-time community manager, Intrinsic Inbound can help.

Our social media services:

  • Concierge social media coaching – Don’t understand the latest Facebook algorithm change? Want to advertise on LinkedIn, but don’t know where to start? Heard of the latest social media site, but don’t know if it’s right for your business? You tell us your biggest social media challenge (or your smallest social media question) and we’ll create the strategy and plan to solve it.
  • Community Management – Very few organizations can dedicate a full-time employee to the role of community manager. Our experienced staff have acted as community managers since the beginning of social media and are poised to help manage your organization’s social media presence.
  • Channel-specific strategy and planning – Not every social media channel is right for every company. We’ll research and determine where your company should be investing it’s time and money. We guarantee customized solutions and results whether on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest.
  • Paid Social – The options for paid social advertising can be confusing and complex.




Intrinsic Inbound Social Media Services